There are many types of Fantastic heat pumps. Regarding heat pumps for room heating, we have split heat pumps, monoblock heat pumps, and ground source heat pumps. Among them, the monoblock wall mounted heat pump is famous for its easy installation. We strongly recommend homeowners who lack central heating and cooling systems in their houses and want to maintain comfortable temperatures in summer and winter. They are also very cheap and do not require cumbersome piping system installation, so they do not require a large amount of long-term financial investment.

Another benefit of wall mounted heat pump is that the heat pump has a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) of 33 (ideal rated energy). For larger houses, installing multiple units may be the best choice for more effective temperature control.

How to install a wall mounted heat pump
The installation of the wall mounted heat pump is not particularly complicated. However, be sure to install the pump at home by professionals to ensure good performance. Professionals will have all the necessary knowledge and certificates regarding safety regulations and pump protection to extend their service life and ensure their smooth operation. And keep in mind that any warranty or guaranty on the device may be void if the installation is not done correctly or by a certified professional.

Advantages of wall mounted heat pumps
The wall mounted heat pump will not only heat your house, but also cool it. People often confuse wall mounted heat pumps with wall mounted air conditioners. These are two different devices. Heat pumps increase the comfort of your home at an affordable price. You can use it in summer and winter. You can contact Fantastic, and they have professional engineers who will calculate the appropriate model based on the size and thermal insulation of your room. In addition, the heat pump can save you a lot of heating costs.

Here are some tips to minimize heating costs:

When turning on the air conditioner, make sure the windows are closed properly.
Use cool air from outside when temperatures have dropped.
Reduce the running time of the fan on the pump.
To ensure that outdoor heat does not infiltrate your house during the summer, use blinds and shutters.

  • Monoblock Wall Mounted Heat Pump With Radiator Heating

    Monoblock Wall Mounted Heat Pump With Radiator HeatingMore >

    Main Features:
    • 1.5 kW and 2.6 kW For Cooling
    • Could Hidden install into the wall
    • Indoor cooling by AC & heating by hot water
    • Combine air conditioner and radiator in one
    • With Ventilation function
    • Low level of noise
    • All mono-block without outdoor unit

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