What Are the Advantages of Geothermal Heat Pump?

Ground source heat pump and geothermal heat pump belong to water source heat pump or water to water heat pump, which uses water to go to the earth and directly or indirectly absorb the energy stored by the earth. No matter in spring or summer, the temperature under the earth is relatively constant. Using this energy of the earth can better and more efficiently provide heating, cooling and hot water for family and commercial buildings.

Your monthly electricity bill will be greatly reduced!!
For cooling, it's much easier to transfer heat to cooler earth than to a hot summer air from your house, so geothermal heat pumps don't have to work so hard to cool your home. There is a bottom line to this efficiency -Your monthly electricity bill will be greatly reduced!! The same is true for heating seasons: it is much easier to absorb heat from warm earth than from cold outdoor air.

A ground source heat pump can be divided into the closed or open cycle, which can be installed in three ways: horizontal installation, vertical installation or in the pond/lake. The type selected depends on the available land area and the type of soil and rock at the installation site. These factors will help to determine the most economical option for installing the earth loop.


For closed-loop systems, water or antifreeze is circulated through plastic pipes buried underground. In winter, fluids collect heat from the earth and transport it through systems into buildings. In summer, the system extracts heat from the building, transfers it to the whole system, and places it on the ground, so as to make the building reverse cooling.

The principle of open-loop (well water) system is the same as that of the closed-loop system, which can be installed where there is enough suitable water supply and open drainage feasible. The benefits similar to the closed-loop system are obtained. But this is only suitable for areas with abundant groundwater resources. When underground water resources are insufficient, it will affect the unit efficiency and the local ecology.

So the advantages of a Geothermal heat pump include
1. The efficiency level is 5 times higher than that of ordinary heating and cooling system
2. Save up to 70% of water and electricity cost
3. Be able to provide almost free domestic hot water
4. green! Reduce the carbon footprint because the system does not burn fossil fuels.
5. Distribute heating and cooling more evenly to improve comfort
6. Quiet operation, no noise outdoor equipment interference environment or neighbors
7. Safe operation without open fire or fuel tank
8. Reduce maintenance
9. Increase system life (the average life of traditional air conditioners is 24 years, while the average life of fossil fuel furnaces is 20 years)

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