What are the characteristics of air source heat pump system combination with different terminal?

1. Air source heat pump system+ radiator

Advantages: simple replacement, replace the original boiler directly; compared with the direct electric heating method, the heat pump heating effect is significant; compared with the electric boiler heating method, the heat pump system saves the cost of power expansion.

Disadvantages: indoorheat pump heating speed slow and occupy a certain space.

2. Air source heat pump system + fan coil

Advantages: the room heats up faster; the fan-coil fan in each room is independently controlled, which is conducive to energy saving; the water supply temperature is lower than the radiator, the air source heat pump system has a high energy efficiency ratio, and the operating cost is relatively low; the system is simple, flexible and convenient to install; The heat pump system could heat pump heating in winter and cooling in summer. For users who need heat pump heating in winter and cooling in summer, the overall initial investment cost is lower.

Disadvantages: The comfort is slightly worse, there will be slight noise, and some power will be lost.

3. Air source heat pump system + floor heat pump heating

Advantages: heat pump heating save energy, low operating cost; high comfort; the system has a certain heat storage function, good thermal stability, can effectively offset the heating power fluctuation of the air source heat pump in extreme weather, and make the system operation more stable and reliable.

Disadvantages: the renovation of existing buildings will destroy the original floor; for building construction, the height of the room will be reduced

4. How to choose the heat pump heating terminals and heat pump supplier?

The heat pump supplier recommend for new buildings, the floor heating form is preferred; existing buildings can be retrofitted with radiators or fan coils; if the radiators are old or there are many new ones, it is recommended to choose low temperature fan coils.

The fan-coil heating terminal can be heated by hot water in winter and cooled by cold water in summer. It is also referred to as dual-purpose terminal. Points to note when choosing a floor-standing type: floor-mounted lower air inlet and upper air outlet dedicated fan coils; floor-mounted lower air inlet side air outlet dedicated fan coils.

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