What Is a Hot-Water Recirculation System?


The hot water recirculation system can deliver hot water to faucets, showers or equipment in seconds, thereby eliminating the usual waiting time for wasted water. The system is realized by circulating the water remaining in the pipeline and finally becoming cold through the cold water line or the special return line to the water heater. Heat pump water heater with recirculation pump inside can easier solve the problem of water heating recirculation.

A circulation system-also the focus of this blog-is a closed-loop, pump-assisted hot water circulation system.

The recirculation pump can be operated 24/7. However, if the external circulator is always turned on and continuously circulates hot water, the energy saving effect will not be achieved. .

The most effective traditional recycling method will use a combination of temperature sensors and timers to activate the system.

The temperature sensor monitors the hot water pipeline: after reaching the preset temperature, the pump will automatically shut down.
The timer-activated pump has a customizable timer that can be set to run only at pre-programmed times. This type of system only recirculates hot water when needed. For example, the first thing is for the family to take a shower in the morning or later in the evening.

Recirculation System with an Integrated Pump
Some of the heat pump do not have a recirculation pump. And for Fantastic heat pump water heater with recirculation pump inside, which is more easy for installation. If your house lacks a dedicated return pipe, and you want to avoid increasing the cost of the return pipe, an integrated recirculation pump is the ideal choice.

Another option is to buy the "cross kit" sold with the water heater and use it as a replacement for the return pipe.

Some water heaters do not waste energy by continuously flowing hot water through the system, but are equipped with an integrated display on the front of the device, so that the homeowner can program the recirculation system to run at a specified time.

In conclusion. It is good idea to have a heat pump water heater with recirculation pump to reduce the installation cost.



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