What Is The Difference Between On/off Heat Pump And Inverter Heat Pump?

With the development of science, more and more people know that they will choose a heat pump to replace an electric water heater or gas water heater when they choose heating products or domestic hot water products. Because the heat pump is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection product in the new era, the power consumption of the heat pump is only 30% of that of the ordinary electric heater, and there is no hidden danger like the gas heater. The heat pump is a kind of energy-saving and safe heating product. At present, there are two main types of heat pumps in the market: on/off heat pump and Inverter heat pump. As we all know, the first on/off heat pump has been on the market for about 60 years, and then the Inverter heating heat pump is the product of the last 10 years. Do you know the difference between on / off and Inverter? When choosing a heat pump, how should we choose? We can find the answer in this article.

What is on/off heat pump and Inverter heating heat pump for house heating or domestic hot water?

For both types, the principle of operation is similar: heat (energy) is obtained from air and transferred to hot water for heating. Therefore, the heating heat pump consists of three main components:
1.Compressor 2, evaporator 3. Heat exchanger

Among these important components, the compressor is the biggest difference between the on / off heat pump and the inverter heat pump. It can be said that inverter refers to a kind of operation mode of the compressor, which is very similar to the concept of air conditioning inverter technology.

When the difference between the set temperature and the current water temperature is increased, the control system begins to respond by accelerating the compressor speed, which is fully adapted to the heating state of the heat pump. Therefore, the converter heating heat pump allows efficient compressor speed changes while the on/off HP maintains 100% heating capacity during operation - which means that the energy recovered by the converter HP is almost 4 to 6 times of its energy consumption!

Here is the performance difference of heat pump between on/off heat pump, inverter heat pump and full inverter heating heat pump  (measured by its cop: performance coefficient):


PAC inverter includes two types( step inverter and full inverter):

Full Inverter technology has a unique full Inverter control system, which can adjust the operation of compressor and fan to the closest percentage (compressor operates in Hertz, the fan operates in a circle), while step-by-step inverter has some strength levels (usually 2 to 5 levels), because the only compressor can change the speed, and fan has only one speed (on or off mode ) Therefore, the full inverter has higher cop, higher stability and higher energy efficiency than the step inverter, so it has the best performance. At the same time, the DC water pump is also installed, so that the unit can operate almost silently. 4 core factors: inverter control system, inverter compressor, DC fan and DC water pump are made of the latest full inverter heat pump, which is the real full inverter for heating.

Finally, the Inverter heat pump is a further development of the traditional on/off heat pump, which is more energy-saving, comfortable and quiet than the on / off heat pump.

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Why Choose FANTASTIC® Full Inverter Pool Heat Pump?
18 years experience

FANTASTIC® company has manufactured and OEM sold over 98,000 pool heat pumps worldwide

Affordability by high efficiency of stepless DC inverter
As the high COP of FANTASTIC® inverter pool heat pump by this 3-core full inverter technology(inverter control, inverter compressor, DC fan motor), it's
70% higher COP than Normal On/Off Heat Pump
50% higher COP than Normal Inverter Heat Pump

10 Times Quieter
FANTASTIC swimming pool inverter pool heat pump provides a good swimming environment, and your neighbors will love it, too!!

Long-life to 12~15 years by good quality components
FANTASTIC® pool inverter heat pump heat your pool rain or shine, and using a spiral titanium heat exchanger, the casing can be galvanized metal or stainless steel for option, golden fin air heat exchanger, EEV, soft start, and so on.

Work under -15℃
FANTASTIC inverter swimming pool heat pump can work as low as -15℃ also can provide inverter pool heating. This results in less heater in colder months and maximizes your swimming season.

Heating 40℃ water for options
FANTASTIC inverter swimming pool heat pump can set the water temperature to 40℃for Spa or other applications if customers require

50% faster on heating
Once the heat pump is on, FANTASTIC Inverter unit can quickly pick and choose the best compressor and fan motor operating frequencies and the heat pump EEV opening automatically according to the heating or cooling demand by smart inverter control technology for the first time heating, FANTASTIC inverter heat pump can save 50% heating time than traditional heat pump on first heating.

Built-in Wifi control for option,
You could control your pool anytime, anywhere easily by phone.



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