What Is the Geothermal Heat Pump Prices?

With the development of society, best geothermal heat pump have become more widely used, more and more geothermal heat pump for sale in the market. The main reasons are best geothermal heat pump energy saving, environmental protection, green pollution-free, longer service life and more energy-saving compared to traditional heating and cooling equipment. However, geothermal heat pump prices have always been one of the more concerned issues. Many people will ask "What is the geothermal heat pump prices and what is the best geothermal heat pump?"


How to estimate the price of a ground source heat pump?


Generally speaking, the geothermal heat pump prices of the system includes the best geothermal heat pump costs, material costs, well drilling costs, labor costs and freight.


First of all, area is the most important factor affecting the geothermal heat pump prices. The larger the area of the building, the greater the demand for air conditioning and heating area, and the higher the overall configuration of ground source heat pumps. Generally speaking, the larger the area, the higher the price of ground source heat pumps. In addition, the geological conditions of ground source heat pump drilling will also affect the cost of the entire system. The harder the geology, the more difficult it is to drill the well and the higher cost of the best geothermal heat pump. So we must first determine the indoor area where air conditioning (floor heating) needs to be installed in order to calculate the actual total installation area.


Secondly, the quality of construction and after-sales service will also affect the geothermal heat pump prices. Many companies use low quotations to attract customers, but the installation qualifications are poor, the after-sales are not in place, or even the lack of after-sales causes consumers to use the ground source heat pump in the later period. Great influence, some also directly affect the performance of ground source heat pumps. Therefore, we need to determine the difficulty of outdoor drilling of ground source heat pumps, such as ordinary sandy clay, which is convenient for construction and low cost of drilling wells. In the case of rock formations, the cost of drilling wells is high.


Finally, determine the brand of the ground source heat pump and the the main materials of the geothermal heat pump system. FANTASTIC has focused on the design, production, sales and installation of ground source heat pumps for 18 years, strictly checking every detail, improving the quality of engineering and service, and promising 2 to 10 years of free warranty. Welcome to call: 86-75763544680.



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