What's The Price For Swimming Pools' Heat Pump?

* Your total cost of a pool heat pump (or spa heat pump): The cost to purchase your pool heater (or spa heater )+ the cost to operate your heater to heat your pool.


* Don't be fooled by heaters that have a lower purchase price but significantly higher operating costs, which result in a higher total cost of operation.


*Saves money when using a variable speed pump by reducing the RPM needed to achieve the same flow rate.


*The Patented FANTASTIC® titanium heat exchanger in FANTASTIC® inverter swimming pool heat pump allows the unit to run on speeds as low as 1560 RPM as compared to other heat pumps that have to run at over 2350 RPM, saving the end-user from $25.00 to $94.00 per month as your local price on the FANTASTIC® swimming pool inverter heat pump.


Why Choose FANTASTIC® full inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

FANTASTIC® full inverter swimming pool heat pump is the most energy-saving pool heater.


FANTASTIC® Inverter swimming pool heat pump is the real full inverter by twin-rotary inverter compressor, DC inverter fan motor, and DC inverter pool heat pump controller (CAREL for optional).


As this 3-core full inverter technology, FANTASTIC hydro-pro inverter swimming pool could be
70% higher COP than Normal On/Off Heat Pump
50% higher COP than Normal Inverter Heat Pump
10 times quieter than normal On/Off Heat Pump
As above, 3 main features can decrease your electric cost and give you a quiet swimming environment, your neighbors will love it, too!!


What's more, our FANTASTIC inverter swimming pool heat pump can work as low as -15℃ also can provide inverter pool heating. This results in less heater in colder months and maximizes your swimming season.


Once the heat pump is on, FANTASTIC Inverter unit can quickly pick and choose the best compressor and fan motor operating frequencies and the heat pump EEV opening automatically according to the heating or cooling demand by smart inverter control technology for the first time heating, inverter fast heating can save 50% heating time than a traditional heat pump.


Built-in Wifi control for option, control your pool anytime, anywhere easily. 



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