What Kind Of Pool Heat Pump Is A Good Heater For Swimming Pool?

If you choose a good and correct swimming pool heat pump, it can heat a pool for about 25% of the cost of heating it with gas to save you a lot of money.


Before telling you what should be paid attention to in terms of product technology of pool heat pumps, we would let you know how swimming pool heat pump works, the following drawing is how the FANTASTIC® heat pump works:



Like the drawing, we can know, a heat pump is mainly made up of compressor, heat exchanger, evaporator, refrigerant flow controller, refrigerant and fan and controller some coils.

The compressor is the heart of the heat pump, we should choose the heat pump with the famous brand compressor, for example, Panasonic, Copland, and so on)


The heat exchanger must be titanium(FANTASTIC® heat pumps’ titanium heat exchanger is special spiral design, much higher permanence and higher COP to be 5.8~ 6.0, FANTASTIC® inverter pool heat pump's highest COP is 14, higher C.O.P.s means more efficiency. Ex. $1 input = $6 of energy output at C.O.P. of 6.0)


A refrigerant flow controller, there are 3 choices: capillary/thermos expansion valve / electrical expansion valve. The electrical expansion valve (EEV) is best of them(FANTASTIC® heat pumps using it), it can adjust the refrigerant flow sensitively as the actual operating pressure to make the heat pump work more stable and energy-saving.


Evaporator bigger is better, it can absorb the energy from air well(FANTASTIC® heat pump is 30% bigger than other translation heat pump)


For the controller, as usual, you can choose an LED controller or LCD controller, LED is good for where sunshine is hard to protect against UV damage.


Fan is an important part, it can blow up the air to pass through the evaporator constantly, let the heat pump absorbs the heat from the air, the air volume is bigger is better on heating/cooling capacity, but must choose good quality low noise fan motor, if not, the noise will be very big. (FANTASTIC® heat pumps using low noise fan motor and owl fan blade, for inverter pool heat pump, the fan motor is DC fan motor, you can't hear it run from 10 feet away, virtually silent)


Why choose Fantastic Swimming Pool Heat Pump?


Wide models range - FANTASTIC® can make the swimming pool heat pump centurion up to 215 kW or bigger as your actual pool situation, and could be choose normal on/off pool heat pump/inverter pool heat pump / T3 pool heat pump for high ambient temperature place /high water temperature pool heat pump for spa or other special using.


OEM/ODM - FANTASTIC® have more than 18 years experience since 2002, has manufactured and sold over 105,000 units for swimming pool heating port worldwide and could design and choose the correct pool heating system for you, whatever it's Olympic swimming pool heat pump or public pool heat pump  


Affordability - As the high COP of FANTASTIC® pool heat pump, it can heat your pool for about 25% of the cost of heating with gas, High COP means more energy saving.
Ex. $1 input - $ 5.8~6.0 of energy output at COP of 5.8~6.0


FANTASTIC® swimming pool heat pumps life expectancy: 12-15 years. - FANTASTIC swimming pool heat pump heat your pool rain or shine, and using a spiral titanium heat exchanger, the casing can be galvanized metal or stainless steel for option, golden fin air heat exchanger, EEV, soft start, and so on.


3 models choose - FANTASTIC commercial pool heater can provide heating mode or cooling mode or automatic mode that switch heating or cooling as water temperateness actual situation automatically.


Smart central control - Multi heat pumps can work and be controlled together under one master controller, it would more convenient to user check and control the working heat pump, what's more, FANTASTIC's smart central control can choose the working heat pump quantity as the actual situation to always save your energy all the time.   


40℃~50℃ water for spa or special using for option - FANTASTIC industrial pool heat pump can high-temperature water by special heat exchanger design.



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