What Types of Heat Pump can Work in Cold Climates?

For some people that don’t know much about heat pump, they might have the question: Does it possible for heat pump heating in extremely cold temperatures? The answer is a positive one. There are different types of cold climate heat pump that can work in extremely cold temperatures. In the old days, heat pumps worked better in frigid climates than others. But now thanks to all the technological advancements, cold climate heat pump on the market today can keep your whole family warm even in the coldest winter days.

Here below we will introduce some different types of cold climate heat pump.

The first type is geothermal heat pump. Actually below the ground for just a few feet, the ground temperature always keep in the range from 45° F to 75° F. Geothermal heat pump takes the heat from the ground and make use of the ground heat to warm the house or office building. Because the temperature of the ground doesn’t fluctuate too much, it becomes a reliable source that we can pull heat for heat pump heating.

No matter you use the geothermal heat pump during steamy summer or during subzero winter, you can take advantage of the consistent temperature underground and transfer it to your house.Because the ground always has enough heat to pull from in colder temperature and also always enough cold to draw from in hotter temperature. Therefore, geothermal heat pump works well in extreme climates which makes it one of the best choice as cold climate heat pump.

The second type iswater source heat pump.But actually water source heat pump is also geothermal heat pump but using a body of water such as a lake or a pond for heat pump heating of a house or office building.

Water source heat pump is a good option if you have a lake or pond on your property. It is less expensive to install compared to ground source heat pump mentioned above and it provides the temperature in more consistency than air source heat pump.

The third type is air source heat pump which is the most popular type for heat pump heating. They make use of the outside air to heat the house or office building. Air source heat pump was often thought to be inefficient in extremely cold temperature because the colder the outside air is, the harder it is for the air source heat pump to take the heat to transfer into the house.

However, during these recent years, the technology of air source heat pump has become much more advanced which allows it to perform well in extreme climates now. The FANTASTIC  EVI inverter heat pump with smart EVI inverter control way and EVI structure could work under ambient temperature range: -35 degree~43 degree,but of course,The performance of  geothermal heat pump is best.

The fourth type is ductless mini split heat pump which can be a type of air source heat pump or ground source heat pump. This system is ideal for houses that are using ductless heating. They can also be a good choice for houses where is not feasible to add or install new ducts.

The ductless mini-split heat pump is with small size and ability which allow them to heat or cool an individual room which is an energy saving process known as zoning.

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