What’s the difference between the DC inverter heat pump and the on/off heat pump?

In modern household appliances, it seems that the word inverter is often heard. Range hood, household clothes dryer, air conditioner and so on all have inverter frequency conversion. If we want to find out one of the household appliances that uses frequency conversion technology more thoroughly, we have to mention air source DC inverter heat pump because of the promotion of the coal to electricity project. Air source DC inverter heat pump is a relatively new type of clean energy product in China, which can be mainly used for heating, hot water and drying business. It is famous for energy saving and power saving in the market, and the energy saving effect is also different between on/off and variable frequency.




Let's talk about on/off heat pump. The operating frequency of this kind of heat pump is invariable when it works. It can only be controlled by the switch. When it reaches the set temperature, it will be shut down. When it is lower than the set temperature, it will be restarted. Although the heating of air energy products is to absorb the free heat in the air, compared with the general electric heating equipment, it has a certain power saving effect, But every time you start the equipment, you still have to rely on electric energy to achieve. on/off heat pump units need to switch on and off frequently, which will consume a lot of electric energy, and also affect the service life of the compressor. Many on/off air conditioners have the same problem at this point.


However, the DC inverter heat pump technology has the effect of realizing different operation states according to the changes of external environment. When the heating type high-frequency operation is needed, the efficiency is increased, and after the heating is completed, it automatically turns to the low frequency to realize the effect of energy saving and heat preservation. Without repeated on-off operation, many links with large power consumption are directly saved, and the effect of energy saving is naturally better.


In addition, the DC inverter heat pump using frequency conversion technology can be applied to a wider temperature range, especially in the low temperature environment. After the DC inverter heat pump appear, the frequency converter in the unit can automatically adjust the compressor operation frequency according to the ambient temperature. When the unit needs defrosting, the DC inverter heat pump use high frequency operation, which greatly reduces the defrosting time, thus improving the heating efficiency.


Of course, the specific effect will also be different because of the quality of the inverter compressor selected by businesses. There is many inverter heat pump manufacturers in China, how to find a good quality DC inverter heat pump supplier? Here is Fantastic heat pump, which is a Professional DC inverter heat pump supplier, inverter heat pump manufacturers with high recognition of energy-saving effect chooses the internationally advanced Panasonic inverter compressor. Compared with the ordinary inverter compressor unit, the heating effect is much more stable. DC inverter heat pump make a lot of changes to the life of users in the household, especially for users who choose heating + hot water, dual-use cooling and heating or triple supply of cooling, heating and hot water. One heat pump with one variable frequency can achieve the effect of saving electricity in many aspects.



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