In HVAC industry, efficiency is always the primary concern of innovation. Home and business owners continually hunt for whatever will bring greater efficiency to their lives. In this industry, a split heat pump promises maximum efficiency. Then how do they work?
For the conventional HVAC system, to understand how a conventional HVAC system works is the easiest way to understand the internal working of the wholesale split heat pump system. A convenient HVAC system cool a house similar to a refrigerator keeps the food cold. The fan draws the air and blown across the coil filled with refrigerant which is cycled through the compressor. The cool air is circulated throughout the duct system while the warm air is absorbed by the refrigerant and sent outside the house.
But of course, this is the basic, because there is something more technical that happen during the whole process. Then how about heat pump?
Heat pumps circulate the air such as refrigerators, it circulates the warm air in the refrigerator and delivers it to the outside, while drawing cool air in at the same time from the outside. But it is their reverse function that makes them different. If you want to warm the house, the heat pump can draw the cool air outside and circulate it while drawing the warm air at the same time. It can make cool air becomes cooler and warmer air becomes warmer in one system. For such packaged heat pump systems, the heat pump is installed outside of the house and the air is distributed through a duct or fan coil system. This is one of the major differences between a packaged and split heat pump system.
The wholesale split heat pump system, similar to a split HVAC system, has indoor and outdoor units to work together. The compressor/condenser is in the outdoor unit, to maintain the refrigerant flow's optimal rate and to raise the refrigerant pressure through compression. The indoor unit works to circulate and distribute the air.
Unlike most conventional heat pump systems, wholesale split heat pump system is commonly ductless. This system can be installed with several indoor fan coils or air handlers. All of the indoor fan coils or air handlers are able to be controlled by their own thermostats. This allows to make each room to be set at specific temperature as demand, which can save both money and energy.
The wholesale split heat pump installed without a duct system can save the 30% of energy that often lost among the duct work. On the contrary, the air containing the 30% energy is distributed together from the fan coils or air handlers into the rooms. Furthermore, the fan coils or air handlers can be installed anywhere on the floor, the ceiling, or even the wall as you like. This makes them much more flexible without the restrictions like a duct system.
So, by getting rid of the duct system that's required for packaged heat pump or conventional HVAC system, a wholesale split heat pump system redefines efficiency thoroughly.
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  • R32/R410a On/Off Pool Heat Pump

    R32/R410a On/Off Pool Heat PumpMore >

    Main Features:
    • R32 or R410a
    • Wide heating capacity range :4.3 kw to 215 Kw
    • High COP up to 5.7
    • Auto pool heating / cooling switch
    • Centralized control
    • Spiral titanium heat exchanger
    • Antirust ABS casing
    • Wi-Fi Smartphone APP control remotely (Optional)
    • EEV technology
    • Automatic defrost by cycle reversal

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