Why Choosing an Inverter Driven Heat Pump?



When it comes to deciding to install a heat pump to replace the traditional fossil fuel heating system such as a gas boiler that has done a fine job of serving their needs for decades, homeowners often spend a lot of time doing research before they make the final decision.

During the research, one important question might come up with: to install an inverter driven heat pump or a fixed output heat pump? Depending on which brand of wholesale supplier heat pump you're researching, they always have their own preference influenced by the product range they have.
As a wholesale supplier heat pump manufacturer, Fantastic™ can offer both fixed output and inverter driven heat pump for option. Here below, we will go over all the details to explain the difference between an inverter driven heat pump and fixed output heat pump, and the benefit of inverter driven heat pump.

The Difference between these Two Heat Pumps
When running a fixed output heat pump, it works in continuous cycles in being turned on and off. When turned on, it works at 100% capacity to meet the heating demand in the house and then turns off when the house has been sufficiently heated or cooled. When the air temperature in the house raised, it turns back on to work again.
An inverter driven heat pump, however, is using variable speed compressor which can adjust its output to match the heating or cooling demands in your house according to the changes of outdoor air temperature. It allows the heat pump to work between 0% and 100% capacity in order to maximize efficiency and comfort.

The Benefit of Inverter Driven Heat Pump
To get the maximum efficiency, wholesale supplier heat pump manufacturer generally advise leaving the heat pump operating continuously in order to keep a steady continuous temperature in the house and thus avoid the peak of heating demand that will cause large energy consumption. An inverter driven heat pump can continuously regulate its output and reacts to the changes of heating or cooling demand to ensure to keep the minimum fluctuation in air temperature, while a fixed output heat pump can only continuously cycle between maximum 100% capacity and zero.
Additionally, a fixed output heat pump cycles between on and off frequently and always operating at its maximum capacity, which puts it far more strain on the system than necessary. It also puts great stress on the electrical supply network. Because as the fixed output heat pump cycles on, it will draw a surge in current to make it start and in order to meet the heat loss demands, the frequent on and off cycling will take place multiple times in a day which will be harmful to the mechanical parts of the heat pump as well. When it comes to the inverter driven unit using variable speed compressor, it starts with a low starting current and continues to raise its speed until it reaches the necessary capacity to meet the demand in the house, which will not place the heat pump and the electrical supply network under great stress.
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