Why Is Heat Pump Blowing Cold Air?


If it is particularly cold during the day or night, your heat pump may only blow out air that is lower than your body temperature, making you feel very cold.

You will see that a heat pump heats your house by transferring heat from the outdoor air to your house. However, as the weather gets colder, your heat pump cannot absorb as much heat from the outdoor air, and the air temperature from the vents will drop slightly.

However, even at the lowest temperature, the air from the heat pump will not be "cold", it just feels cold compared to your body temperature.

For example, when the outside temperature drops to 20 degrees, the hot air from the heat pump may drop to 85-90 degrees, which is very warm, but compared to our average body temperature (98.6), 85 degrees air will feel cold.

Don't worry, even at low temperatures, the heat pump can absolutely heat your house, because the heat pump will automatically switch to standby heat (coil) if it cannot bear it. However, if the heat pump heats itself but has not switched to standby heating, you may find that the air is slightly cooler by placing your hand on the vent.

How to test: Go to the thermostat and check the current room temperature. After 30 minutes, check the temperature again. Is your home warming? If so, your heat pump is blowing warm air, which will make you feel very cold.

Your heat pump might be in "defrost mode"
Defrost mode basically means that your heat pump will temporarily switch to cooling mode. This forces the outdoor coil to heat up, melting any frost or ice that has accumulated. And since the heat pump has switched to cooling mode, it will blow cold air into your house within a few minutes.

How to test: Go outside to see the outdoor unit. If the fan stops spinning and produces a lot of steam, it indicates that the fan is in defrost mode. To help you determine if this is your problem, please view the heat pump video in this defrost mode.



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