Why Use a Indoor Pool Dehumidifier System?

The function of the swimming pool dehumidifier system is to keep indoor humidity below the dew point of any surface in the building. This prevents condensation and deterioration of the building structure, and you can avoid such problems by choosing a softener for the well water.

Generally, there are two methods to control the humidity in the indoor swimming pool enclosure. One is the traditional mechanical system method, which uses refrigeration and air conditioning systems. In this system, the air from the pool space is continuously circulated through the cooling coil. The coil condenses water from the air, and the air in the pool maintains humidity at a set point. The second technique is to control indoor humidity by diluting indoor air with dry outdoor air. In these types of systems, fresh air swimming pool dehumidification systems are usually used, and air-to-air heat exchangers are used to recovering energy from swimming pool exhaust gas and transfer it to outdoor air. Since the humidity level of outdoor air changes with temperature, the lower the temperature, the lower the humidity level of the outside air. The size of the swimming pool system should be able to provide adequate dehumidification in a rainy day of 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, compared with the "balance point", whenever the weather is cold or dry, the same amount of dehumidification can reduce the intake of outside air.

With the indoor pool dehumidifier, it can keep the pool room more comfortable. The indoor pool dehumidifier will reduce the humidity from the air, Without controlling the humidity, the stay in an indoor swimming pool can feel uncomfortable and the subtropical climate might lead to cardio-vascular problems. Furthermore, there is a risk that the condensation on metal fixtures, exterior walls or glass surfaces may lead to the formation of mold, corrosion and cause mustiness. When this occurs, it could eventually lead to damage to the building, resulting in costly renovation and business interruptions.



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