Why We Need A Swimming Pool Dehumidifier?

We know that water vapor is preserved in the air, when the air is hotter, the more water it can hold. When warm, humid air meets a cold surface, water vapor condenses and forms condensation. We found that it is easy to see moisture condensation on windows, walls and floors, and it will not cause damage immediately, but the water will soon penetrate into floors, windows, roofs and window frames, etc., causing corrosion, wood rot, mold and Bacterial growth, etc. The ideal relative humidity of the pool house should be between 60% and 65%. More than 70% of the air is filled with water vapor, which makes the indoor environment uncomfortable. High humidity will promote the growth of mold, which will lead to the aging of buildings. Below 60%, the air is too dry and the swimmer will feel uncomfortable when leaving the water.


Then, for families with indoor swimming pools, having an indoor swimming pool dehumidifier is very important for the health and comfort of users and their families.


It is also very important to choose a good dehumidifier. Fantastic has rich experience in air heating cooling and dehumidification and is an excellent swimming pool dehumidifier manufacturer. It produces three models, FDP020, FDP030 and FDP050, for use in indoor pools of different sizes.


What is the swimming pool dehumidification system?


There are many types of dehumidifiers, but swimming pool dehumidifiers are specifically designed to cope with high humidity loads in indoor pool halls. The technology required inside the dehumidifier is very similar to that in refrigeration and heat pumps. This is why swimming pool heat pump manufacturers also swimming pool dehumidifier manufacturer.


A dehumidifier is a bit like a vacuum cleaner: it sucks in air from your room at one end, takes the moisture out of it, and then blows it back out into the room again. The moisture drips through into a collection tank that you have to empty, from time to time. How is the moisture removed? That's where a dehumidifier is more like an air conditioning unit.




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