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2-stage High Temperature Heating System

FANTASTIC 2-stage high temperature heat pump is patent technology with R410A system + R134A system which can work under -35C and stably keep constant heating capacity to provide high water temperature (75℃~80℃).

EVI Inveter Technology

FANTASTIC EVI DC inverter with patent technology which can work under -35C and can keep constant high heating capacity output from -15℃ ambient.


FANTASTIC DC inverter heat pump is real full-inverter technology, not only DC inverter compressor, but also with inverter water pump and inverter fan motor, what’s more, the expansion tank & water flow switch are also built-inside of the heat pump.


R32 is perfect low GDP refrigerant. FANTASTIC R32 swimming pool heat pump, room heating/cooling heat pump are available and sell well to Europe.


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Established in 2002, FANTASTIC is one of the largest manufacturers of swimming pool heat pumps and house heating/cooling heat pumps and hot water heat pumps and other kinds of heat pump products in China. With more than 500 professional staffs and engineers focusing on heat pump manufacturing and technologies for more than 20 years for the international market, FANTASTIC owns many unique technologies and patents, and products are certified CE, ROHS, ETL, SAA, WATERMARK, STANDARD MARK, C-TICK, ISO9001 and so on.


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Air source heat pump is one of the most energy-saving domestic hot and cold water equipment.

The purchase price and installation cost of an air source heat pump is not the only cost of an air source heat pump. You have to consider the monthly or annual operating cost, because it's the cost you pay for many years after you buy the air source heat pump.

Although the product performance of different heat pump suppliers is different, the factors that determine the operating cost of air source heat pump are generally as follows:

1. Heat pump efficiency

2. Outdoor temperature

3. Requirements for water temperature

4. The degree of decoration and heat preservation of your room or the degree of heat preservation of your hot water tank.

Generally, we use CoP to assess the efficiency of air source heat pumps. That is, the unit is determined by measuring the input energy (in this case, electricity) and the output energy (heat). For example, a heat pump with a CoP of 3.0 can generate 3 kW of heat per 1 kW of electricity.

The average family needs about 12,000-kilowatt-hours (KwH) of heat per year. Therefore, to achieve this goal, a heat pump with a CoP of 3 will consume 4,000 kW of electricity per year. But if the COP is 4.0, the heat pump will use less electricity to generate the same amount of heat. This number speaks of various factors and your usage habits. It will also depend on the efficiency of your heat pump. Because heat pumps from different heat pump suppliers come from design structure, manufacturing materials, and control schemes. (FANTASTIC is an excellent air heat pump supplier, FANTASTC's inverter heat pump can achieve a maximum COP of 14.0, FANTASTIC's inverter heating and cooling heat pump can achieve a COP of 6.0, and FANTASTIC's CO2 heat pump can reach 4.5)

If the COP is 4.0, the heat pump will use less electricity to generate the same amount of heat. The cost of electricity is about 0.14 p / kWh. This means that the annual operating cost of your air source heat pump may be around £ 560. This number sounds not very similar to your gasoline bill. According to empirical data, ordinary households spend about 636 pounds on natural gas each year.

How to use a heat pump to reduce electricity cost?

On the one hand, you need to choose a heat pump supplier with good materials and good system, because good quality products can be a truly long-term operation, long-term operation, your electricity bill may be reduced, and when choosing an air source heat pump, try to choose now The latest technology- inverter air source heat pump, because the inverter heat pump can adjust the operating frequency of the compressor and the frequency of the fan to meet the actual heat demand. When meeting your heat demand, you can use the power that is just enough and the most appropriate. FANTASTIC is a heat pump supplier of air source inverter heat pumps for more than 10 years.

In addition, when using it, it is necessary to pay attention to the usage habits, which helps to reduce the power consumption of the air source heat pump.

First, avoid changing the set temperature. By frequently increasing the temperature according to your temperature, the heat pump will use more power. When maintaining the same temperature, it will use less power. Set the thermostat to a specific temperature, do not change it. It is worth noting that lowering the thermostat by 1 degree may result in a 2.5% reduction in electricity bills. For example, you can change the temperature from 21 ° C to 20 ° C.

Next, check the heating temperature of the water. If it is set too high, your heat pump will use more power to heat the water to the correct temperature. You can lower the water temperature to 40 ° C or lower. This is still enough to heat your house in an effective way.

Improper maintenance of the heat pump may result in a 25% increase in electricity costs. A clogged filter and a dirty filter will reduce the amount of air that can pass through the system and may impair performance. It is also worth checking the fan regularly to make sure there is no debris (eg leaves) in it. Your heat pump is like a boiler and should be repaired every year.

You can also install some reflectors behind each radiator. These prevent heat from escaping from the wall and reflecting it back to the room. The panel can be purchased, or it can be made from large cards and some tin foil.


FANTASTIC Focus on Heat Pump and OEM Manufacturing since 2002.



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What our customers are saying...

Every night (Chile has 12 hours apart with China), during these two years, I have spoken with Benjamin projects, who is an excellent professional, and has taught me very much engineering on projects installed in Chile.

Victor C.

The FANTASTIC EVI inverter heat pump 040S is finally installed. So far everything is more than perfect. Heating capacity is above my expectation. Very quiet et power consumption is a third of the electric furnace that whas in use in the past. Couldn't be more satisfied.

Shelly B-

My friend if I have free time I would come to visit you, but you must know that you are my only supplier and you will remain the only one my friend.since we sell your heat pump we have no problem, because it's good quality, that's why we stay with you my friend.

Leobert P.

Thank you very much, Alice, good service, and you will always my good supplier of swimming pool heat pumps, my friend.

Mel B.

I live in Quebec Canada, this winter was one of the coldest on record are we heat our 1000 square foot shop with a FANTASTIC Heat Pump and radiant floor heat. There were a few days were we needed back up heat but even in -25 C the heat pump is still heating the shop. Hard to believe!


Here the energy cost is very high, and heat pumps air to water, to reach a savings compared to diesel and gas close to 70%.In a project that takes one year working, realized energy savings of $ 7.500 USD compared to gas. These results are very happy and our customers too.

Harry H.

The FANTASTIC Heat Pump reduced my hot tub bills by at least 1/2! Why is no one else selling heat pumps for spas…… Highly recommend this product.



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